Wood is a natural work of art that has made its place in every corner of our homes over the centuries

Erdoor Fabrika

In 2011, we set out on a journey to adorn your homes with various forms of wood that have evolved over the ages. We first entered the sector by producing wooden composite doors and baseboards, and we currently export actively to 25 countries with our 250 employees.

Alongside our factory in Turkey,which has an area of 15,000 square meters, we also carry out production in Algeria, allowing us to have a say in the domestic and foreign market. 

With our office in Iran, our depot in Iraq, and our continuous growth, we have become the largest composite door component manufacturer in Africa and the Middle East in a short period of time. 

In every stage of the production and marketing process, we work with great devotion and expand our product range each and every day

Not only do we manufacture doors, we also carry out the prefabricated production and marketing of baseboards, decks, PVC panels, and composite products and continue our activities with commitment and passion in order to achieve customer satisfaction and realize our goal of “becoming a regional power.”


Erdoor, which was founded in Hatay in 2011, boasts a wide range of products in the category of Interior Wood Composite Door Production and is one of Turkey’s leading and experienced companies in the field.

Erdoor continues its production at its facility of 15,000 square meters which is equipped with the latest technology. Our company aims to maximize production efficiency by utilizing equipment that employs advanced technology oriented towards increasing production capacity. Our company stands out among other similar organizations with our thoroughly designed aesthetic products that are secure and easy to use, the top quality materials we utilize in each stage of production, and our collaboration with competent engineers and experts in their field. Thanks to these features and our quality policy, we have acquired valuable certificates based on quality standards.


We hold certificates in line with the quality standards of the countries we export to. Our company has achieved success in the international market due to the fact we design our own products alongside production, we implement prototype and pilot production practices and also have on-line and off-line quality control systems, and we conduct market research. We are aware that realizing our vision of becoming a leading company in the international market depends on ensuring the continuous development of our employees to encourage them to do their job meticulously and seek new and better methods. By doing so, we will be able to quickly attain one of our main gaols, which is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing products and services that are in line with universal quality standards. Thanks to our company’s continuous improvement policy, we have become one of the leading producers in the domestic market, we export to countries in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Europe and Gulf countries, and we carry out successful trade relations based on mutual satisfaction.