ER5000 series, the innovative new product of ERDOOR, is produced in Five models, Five sizes and Seven colors. It is the modern lines under the classic door image that distinguishes the ER5000 series from other series. In this series, the edge band is used in the Composite Leaf Curtain Profile, which is 4.4 mm thick and resistant to scratches and scratches. The door leaf and the room where the ER5000 series is used are less affected by the negative effects of cold heat and air flow thanks to the Composite Leaf Covering Profile.

Technicial Specifications:

  • Fireproof
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Impact resistant
  • Does not require paint and maintenance

Renk Seçenekleri:

Models : ER5000, ER5012, ER5014, ER5020, ER5030, ER5040, ER5050
Leaf Thickness: Outer frame 42 mm, middle part 35 mm.

PVC Edgeband Thickness: There is no edge banding. Composite wing edge is used.
Filling material for ling: EPS Filler
Seren Material:Wood spar and composite spar with fingerjoint

Right-left direction: No


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