Ready-to-Install Wooden Composite Interior Doors in standard sizes are produced in our production facility. Production is also made in special sizes and models for your projects.

Our doors have all the features sought in composite doors with their dimensional flexibility, color richness, variety of models.

Wooden Composite Door Leafs, which are resistant to water, moisture, scratches and heat, are shipped to our dealers with lock slots opened after they are brought to the desired net usage size.

After the Wooden Composite Door Frames are brought to their net size, the corners of the joints are cut 45 degrees and packed in a set. Erdoor Ready-to-Install Doors are sent to our dealers in 4 packages.

The first package includes the door leaf, the second package includes the door frame, the third package includes moldings, and the fourth package includes accessories.

ERDOOR is the brand with the richest product range in the Middle East, Africa and Balkan market with its diverse doors under 3 series.

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3 types of leaf filling materials are used in Erdoor doors.

1- Kraft Paper: It is a specially produced hexagonal material for the door, which is resistant to high pressure in the vertical, has TSE and CE certificates, and is not affected by the hot, hot imbalance.

2- EPS Filler: Expanded polystyrene hard foam (EPS-Expanded Polystyren Foam), which is resistant to high pressure, moisture and water, is made of material and provides sound and heat insulation.

3- Okal Particle Board:The only difference from the standard particle board is its perforated structure. The purpose of using this material on the door is to resist high impacts as well as sound and heat insulation.

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